Things to Do Before Listing First Product on Ebay

If you are starting a Ebay.com business and ready with an effective template for listing as well as photographs + description of the products to be listed, then stop and do some researching homework before listing your first product if you want more success in selling on Ebay.

Step to be Done:

1) Product Ebay Category Researching:
Research on the best category to list the product that you are selling. When you list items on ebay , ebay itself ask to put a key-word about the item you are selling and it automatically finds the best category according to that word. But then also take some time and research for the best category for your item that is to be listed.

2) Inventory Title-Writing Researching:
Next come the part of writing title of the listing. Before writing the title, first of all do some research on the keywords for your products , that means by what words people will search them . If you know the best keywords and different - different keywords for your item then your changes of visibility increases

3) Product Pricing + Competitor Researching:
Research on the prices for the same type of products available on ebay. I mean to say research your competitors find at what prices they are selling and what standards they are following.

4) Shipping Charges Researching:
First of all, it will be better if you open your items for worldwide shipping, secondly the shipping charges should not be too high , they should be in line to the competitors . Research what other are charging for shipping and then decide your shipping charges keeping in mind your shipping company charges.

Once these four magic steps are been followed, start listing your first product with keeping all these steps in mind

**Internet Marketing Tip For Ebay** - according to **My Experience** if you will follow these four magic steps every time you list a new type of product or whenever you are introducing a new category on ebay your rate of success will increase many times.


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