""Amazon or Ebay"" Which is better to sell products and earn money?

If you are planning to enter into e-commerce and thinking which are the most powerful portals to start selling apart for your own website.!!!!! Then read My Experience
To make your own website and to promote it to get a good business is not a easy task for starters and it takes time and mastery of internet marketing and related fields. So to start with two readymade portals where you can easliy list items and your item will be promoted to many many buyers are Amazon and Ebay.
Now the big question is that which is the most powerful among the both to start with and can give you good results that to without much investment. ????????? So according to My Experience selling on Amazon is more powerful then selling on Ebay. First point to support my experience is that, that amazon charges you a fixed monthly fee that is also not very high and you can list unlimited items and can grow your product line like anything and rest is on amazon to market your products, so you have not tension of marketing , just list your products and wait for your first order. In comparision when you sell on ebay you have to pay big fee , if you list on store then also u have to pay and if u list on auction then also u have to pay. Moreover you are reaching maximum visitors on Ebay only when you are listing in Auction format and for which you have to pay a good fat fee.
I am not saying that Ebay is a bad place for starters but what i am saying is that if u have limited funds to start your business then Amazon is best because on Ebay to get a positive return on investment ratio is very hard.
**Internet E-commerce Business Tip for Starters** - According to **My Experience** if you new in this field , then start with Amazon and Ebay both and remain more focused on Amazon because here you have little to loose and more chances to survive, but do not forget the power of Ebay and learn and grow your business on ebay also slowly-slowly.


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