Amazon.com Seller Account Blocked, Closed or Banned?

Marketplace Sellers on Amazon.com are blocked from selling if they do not maintain the seller's performance standards and are not able to satisfy their customers. There is a Department in Amazon named ""Alliance"" alliance@amazon.com that takes steps if the seller is continuously failing to live up to the expectation of the customers and Amazon. Amazon uses software to keep track on the activities of the sellers and if according to the software if any seller's average is negative in satisfying customers or he is not able to fulfill performance standards, Alliance Department will send a mail to the seller saying that your seller account has been blocked and this is a permanent action.

Sample of the mail by Alliance Department of Amazon.com:

Hello from Amazon.com.

This is an auto-generated message to let you know that we have blocked your Amazon.com seller account and ended your listings. You may no longer sell on our site. We took this action because your seller performance has been below our performance standards. You may have received notification in previous months that your feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and/or refund rates were out of compliance with our seller Performance Standards. You may have been provided with suggestions for operational improvements to help you meet our standards. Unfortunately, any improvement in seller performance has not been consistent and has failed to meet our Performance Standards. If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are encouraged to refund or ship pending orders. Your funds are being reserved in your Amazon.com account pending receipt of any Guarantee Claims or charge backs for which you may be responsible for. If you have questions regarding any funds that may be due you, please contact us at payments-funds@amazon.com. We take such steps in the interest of maintaining a free and fair venue for all participants. Please note that the blocking of your account is a permanent action.


Item and Seller Quality

If this is the case with you and you are thinking how to re-open (reactivate) Amazon.com seller account then please do not get disappointed as this is auto-generated mailing process and if really you are a good company selling good stuffs online and your account just got blocked due to ""law of negative average"", then you should write back to the alliance@amazon.com with the point that you think are suitable to defend yourself to remove the confusion and for reactivating your seller account back.

What does ""law of negative average"" means?

This means that suppose in the past you sold 10 items and you have satisfied 8 customers out of 10 but none of them left a positive feedback for you but remaining 2 out of 10 who were unsatisfied left negative feedback. This situation will result in a negative picture in the eyes of software that Amazon uses to track seller's standards. At your point you are doing good business largely you are satisfying your customers but due to not getting any positive feedback and getting negative every time you committed mistake will make your average negative in the eyes of Amazon. When Alliance Department of the Amazon will see this situation in a summary type, it will see your feedback score 100% negative in the past and will block you.

If you will mail alliance@amazon.com with your request to open your account back they will send you a mail somewhat like this:

Hello from Amazon.

Amazon.com reserves the right to close accounts that fall significantly below our Merchant Performance Standards.
If you wish to be reconsidered for reinstatement, please provide a detailed account of why your performance indicated unsatisfactory buying experiences, and what steps you will take to remedy this from reoccurring. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Alliance Program

And if really you have strong point to defend yourself and to make them convince that you are not really 100% negative but your average was negative due to some reasons and you tried everything possible to satisfy the customers. You may get a mail like this and there are very good chances that you will be able to sell again through your seller account:

Hello from Amazon.com.

Thank you for writing regarding the blocking of your Amazon.com selling account. We appreciate your intent to meet our seller Performance Standards in the future. We have reconsidered your request for reinstatement, and have decided to reactivate your account. You may now access your account and list your items for sale once again. If you were a Pro Merchant Subscriber prior to the account block, we encourage you to visit ""Your Account"" to re-subscribe yourself. Please note that your funds will remain temporarily reserved as we continue to review your account. You will be notified when this review is completed. Please consider this account reinstatement as an opportunity to improve any operational deficiencies. The following tips may help you in your effort to improve your account's performance:
1. Reduce your inventory: Consider reducing inventory, especially if high order volume is preventing you from providing efficient order fulfillment.
2. Provide confirmation emails: Provide buyers with shipping confirmation emails.
3. Clean up inventory: Review your inventory and remove any items that are not available for delivery.
4. Ship on time: Ship orders within the prescribed 2 day shipping window.
5. Ship as advertised: Use the shipping method you advertise to ship orders.
6. Issue refunds promptly: Promptly issue refunds in the rare event that an item in not available for delivery.

Thank you for your efforts to bring your performance into compliance with our standards, and we appreciate your business on Amazon.com.

Best regards,

Alliance Program

According to **My Experience** On the whole it may be Amazon.com or Ebay.com or any website that a seller may be using to sell his/her stuffs, meeting sellers standards and satisfying customers is a must. If any seller tries to escape for this, then he/she should be ready to find a new business or job for himself/herself rather then continuing in the same manner.

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