Does CPC or PPC Internet Marketing Works to Increase Sales?

This article is for new comers who have just entered into Paid Internet Marketing World and have doubts on the success that they can achieve with it . The paid marketing can be of different types like banner advertising, taking a advt. place on a high traffic getting website, paid results on search engines and other pay per click advertising networks or if you are a e-retailer then using Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) shopping search engines. Here we are just talking about the CPC or PPC Shopping Search Engines Internet Marketing Success Rate for E-commerce Business and how you can grow your online business to next level using it.

""Does CPC or PPC Advertising for E-commerce Works or Not and what success rate can be expected ?""
To answer this question let us come to the base of the CPC or PPC Marketing Model. CPC or PPC shopping search engines were designed so that people can visit here, compare products and can find a best deal for themselves. The buyer or the visitor is benefited from these portals because he is able to get plenty of options here and can compare each option easily, the benefit to the sellers or the advertisers or the marketers or the e-retailers is that they get traffic, that too a quality traffic which is searching to buy things. But if these portals are providing a high quality traffic they are also charging Cost Per Visitor. Keeping this in mind a seller (the advertiser on these portals) should make a good CPC or PPC Strategy for these shopping search engines before entering into this field. If really a seller has a well planned strategy and he is continously monitoring performance and tuning campaign according to the latest findings, CPC Or PPC marketing campaigns can do wonder to grow the sales.

But at the same time this should be kept in mind that the product should be good quality sell-able products.

To make sales you need a good targeted traffic and that these pay per click shopping search engines are providing and now to convert that traffic into sales there is a need of good planned strategy. If a e-retailer has that combination definitely his sales will increase. Not only will increase but it will increase many times the normal sale which he was achieving before using pay per click shopping search engines.

According to **My Experience** of working as a consultant for ppc marketing campaign for a online furniture e-retailer and the survey that we have conducted -

If you are making $1000 as daily sales, after using CPC or PPC shopping search engines internet marketing campaign effectively you can sale around $2500 daily.

If this form of marketing is used effectively it will give you good results that too very fast because as soon as you sign up for cpc or ppc shopping search engines and start listings products, within 24-36 hours your products will be live and you are ready to make sales.

**Internet Marketing Tip** In Pay Per Click PPC Internet Marketing a E-retailer must keep track on investment to return ratio that means the ratio between cpc or ppc expenses to net profit on sales. Till the time it is positive be ready to take online business to a very next level.

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