Monitoring Listing on PPC Search Engine and Tuning them for better Results

It takes 24-36 hours for the product listings to become live on cpc or ppc search engine website, once they are live have a look on these product listings to check if they are displayed as you wanted them to be and if you are satisfied then you have to work on MONITORING AND TUNING THE PRODUCT LISTINGS ACCORDING TO THE FINDINGS and at the same time tuning the landing page of your website too where the traffic from these pay per click portals will land.

To monitor the pattern of the visitors you can use any traffic tracking tool that many companies provides, you can open account with them online and it takes just few minutes to implement it to track website's traffic.
While monitoring the product listings keep in mind the strategy and the plan that you have created for these cpc or ppc portals and keeping that in mind monitor that is the outcome is in line with the plan created and if any adjustment needed it should be done as soon as possible.

Firstly what you should look for while monitoring?

First of all look that how the visitors are coming to your website, i mean to say what keywords they are using to find your products?

What you should tune?

After knowing the keywords by which people are coming to you, analyze are they the same keywords that you have targeted on these ppc portals, also analyze is there any un necessary words in the title or the description that is giving you un targeted traffic and is there any special keyword that you have not targeted but due to some combination of words in the title and description it is giving you good quality traffic and making you product to sell.

Now sum up your findings and if needed tune your product listings on these ppc or cpc portals as per your findings and secondly tune your website's landing page too according to the changes that you have done on these cpc or ppc portals.

Secondly what you should look for while monitoring?

The positioning of the listings on cpc or ppc portals and there outcome.

What you should tune?

If you will bid higher your product listings will start coming on the top positions, now you have to analyze that which position is best for your products, no doubt if your product will come on the first page and in top positions you will get huge traffic but there will be chances of un targeted clicks (spam) and every time your listings are clicked you will be charged a fee by these portals, so to get maximum return from the fee that you are paying to these portals you have to find the best position for the products that is giving you the maximum output. MAXIMUM OUTPUT DOES NOT MEANS MAXIMUM TRAFFIC IT MEANS MAXIMUM SALES.

After analyzing it you will be knowing which are the performing positions so that you can tune the positioning of the product listings and can save lot of fee by just bidding only that much that is needed to get the performing position and not the top position.

Thirdly what you should look for while monitoring?

The best performing products

What you should tune?

Definitely the product that is getting sold many-times is the best performing product. So you should promote only good performing product everywhere and these products should be the part of your all marketing campaigns till they are performing. But the products that are not performing well , you should take them out of these ppc portals asap so the marketing fund is just invested only on the best products

**Internet Marketing Tip** If you will continuously work on monitoring and tuning your products on cpc or ppc portals and also tuning your website's landing page as per your findings and once you know the best performing products + best performing position + the best keywords, and over all how the implement what you have planed + monitoring + tuning , no doubt you will make a great online sales using cpc or ppc paid marketing campaign.

PPC Campaign Implementation and Management is not a Rocket Science it is Very Very Simple--- A Complete Learning Lesson, learn from it and avoid paying big fees to PPC Management Companies


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