Tips for Listing products on PPC Shopping Websites

Listing products on a cpc or ppc shopping comparison search engine is not just copy and paste, it is an art + strategy based on research and planning. Every click is a paid click this means to a e-retailer that he has to pay to the ppc portals for each click that is generated on his products on these portals, so to make a good return on the fee paid to these portals you have to be well planned and strategic before listing any product or bidding for the best positioning of the product in the search results.

So now let us start working on making a strategy for listing products:

First thing to be kept in mind is that, do not list all of your products on the ppc portals because every click is chargeable so your first step will be to short-list few of your good selling products and do a deep research on there unique selling point (why people will buy them) + research on their keywords (by which words people will search them the most).

Now the second step will be to do a deep research on the competition that these short-listed products will be facing on these cpc or ppc shopping comparison search engines or portals. If there are lots of same products as you are having on these portals then re-short-list your already short-listed products and just take the unique product that are not available on these portals or are unique or are one level up from the competitors.
Now you know the BEST PRODUCTS that can be listed on these ppc portals based on your research and hard work, so the third step is to list them one by one but while listing the products keep two things in mind
(1) that you should be very researched and strategic while writing the description and the title of the products on these ppc portals. The Description or the Title should not be too long + should be having Only Only and Only the keywords for which you want the persons should come to you, do not write beautiful description or title but be with a very strategic title and description, do not write unnecessary wording in description or the title but be very specific and concentrated on keywords. Why i am saying so **My Experience** is because more the un-targeted unnecessary words in the description and the title there will be more click and you will get nothing out of these clicks because the visitor is finding some other products that you are not having but he has come to your website because of unnecessary words that you have used in the title or the description and this whole process cost you to pay the fee to these ppc portals. (Wastage of money due to unnecessary words)

(2) Start listing products with minimum bid for the category and once listings are live check their positions to increase your bid to get a better ranking if needed. Why i am saying so **My Experience** is because sometimes people bid very high to get on the top and that much high bid is not needed to get the top rank, you can get the top rank by monitoring your listings and keeping a track on their positioning as and when you increase the bid price. Suppose if your are paying 50 cent per click and you are ranked 10th for a keyword say ""Coffee Table"" now you increase your bid amount to 60 cent and you are at the same position so next you again increased your bid to 90 cent and you came at the top so you know that 60 cent is 10th position and 90 cent is 1st position but you are not aware what the 2nd positioning guy is paying, he might be getting second position just buy paying 75 cent. So you should list products with minimum bid and then gradually increase your bid based on your research and monitoring your listings. Secondly do not always try to be on the first page or the top because if you are at top no doubt you will get lot of traffic but at the same time your will get lot of fake or spam click ( the persons who are just visiting these ppc portals for researching competiton or who are not serious buyers). So wait and watch put few of your listing on top position and few on second or third page and then monitor them to decide what position suits your product to make maximum sale.

Till now you have done your homework for these ppc portals so your fourth step in developing a strategy for listing products on shopping comparison search engines is to do some work and planning for your website too where the visitor from these portals will land after clicking the link on these ppc portals . So once your description and title for these cpc or ppc portals is ready then arrange landing page of your website according to strategy that you have made for these portals. Suppose if you are targeting few keywords on these ppc portals, then be ready with the products that represents the same keywords on the landing page and display maximum products of the same keywords on that page so that the visitor can feel that he is on the right place.

To sum up simply work and follow these four step in making a product listing strategy.

**Internet Marketing Tip** Before lisiting products on ppc shopping search engine or developing any marketing plans always think from the visitor's or customer's point of view , he should feel after landing our your site that he had got what he was looking for. If you can prepare your website presentation to that level then you will make good sales and will take your online business to a next level.

PPC Campaign Implementation and Management is not a Rocket Science it is Very Very Simple--- A Complete Learning Lesson, learn from it and avoid paying big fees to PPC Management Companies


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