How to make Money Online with labor and patience

This article is for all visitors who are searching online to know what is the way to Make Money Online and how they can earn some extra money or how can they make big money online. In this article i am not writing any thing that i researched or anything that i read from any other book or article, here i am just sharing **My Experience** -
When few years back i was also new in internet world and was searching for some ways to make money online , i searched all the places possible on internet and discussed with many experienced persons of online business, i visited thousands of website but all were just almost fake , just showing me dreams of making money so that they can make money from me for showing the fake dream.
At-last i find some good site who were not fake but the payout in relation to the work on these sites was so low that you cant survive your struggle. I tried everything to make money online and at-last when i did not find almost nothing then i tried to sum up all my research and my work that i have done in the past few months to make money online.
I came to a point that yes we can make good money online but we cant make easy money. We have to create a theme and make our own business model and then we have to market it to earn money online or we can become online retailers and can earn money by selling items.
So what i learned and what **My Experience** says is that YES U CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE BUT U NEED HARD LOBOR AND PATIENCE . First of all develop a business model , more the unique is your idea more the chances of getting success, once you have your model ready , work out the calculations and then after a deep research of positives and negatives, start working on implementiing it and work it to market it. IF you have good unique idea and your business model is well calculated and you have patience then success and dream of making money online is not far from you.
Create your own place do not copy other , if copy then copy in unique way and market your way. If you think that without any investing just by sitting in front of computers and login to some site u will make money then u are 100% percent wrong. There are only few site that provide you some money for data entry type work or other works but that is not enough to support you and your family. If u have big dreams and ready to burn out yourself for some time then belive me what is have told you are the magic words to win in online world.
CREATE YOUR OWN PLACE--- you know why http://www.youtube.com/ was a big hit is just few years? simple because of unique model. Just one thing made it a big success and its owners a big man


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